This is all about who we are and
what music education means to us

Who are we?

At Practice Champ, we believe that music education is incredibly important in our children's lives, and to our community and society as a whole. We hope that we can contribute in some small way to not only raising awareness of the wide-reaching benefits of music education, but also to actually getting more people (kids and adults!) studying and playing music as a part of their lives.

We believe that music, and the arts in general, have as much impact on our health and happiness as exercise, a healthy diet, or an active social life. Practice Champ is designed to help teachers, parents, and students get better results, faster and more easily, with a dash (or more!) of fun. And this means that the student is far more likely to keep studying music, which means there is a much better chance that music will hold a permanent, and more meaningful, place in their life. That's our goal.
We hope that you share this vision with us, and do what you can to bring music to the lives of those around you.
Practice Champ is created, founded, and operated by Iced Pita Music Lessons, the husband and wife team of Tyson Marquardt and Heidi Yost-Marquardt. Iced Pita Music Lessons was founded in January, 2007, and is a music lessons facility in Thousand Oaks, California, catering to professional, private music instructors and their students.

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