How much should I practice music? How do I practice the right way? Why is it so important to practice every day? How do I get myself or my kids to stay motivated to practice? These are  questions music teachers, parents of music students, and music students themselves are constantly hearing or asking. This site is our answer.

We believe in the power of music to change, shape, and inspire our lives and our world. We also believe that everyone – regardless of age or talent – should have music, and the study of music, in their lives. What would the world be like if everyone studied and mastered an instrument as a child or young adult? We think it would be a better place . . .

Studying music can be a crazy journey – fun, inspiring, frustrating, challenging – and if you stick with it long enough, it really can give you a profound sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. This is not just for professionals, and you don’t necessarily have to start when you are very young (although music should absolutely be part of the core educational curriculum). To achieve this, you must practice.

Excellent practice is the key to mastery, and key to that sense of accomplishment that adds so much to our emotional and intellectual lives. We want to help you on that journey of practicing music, and that’s what this site is all about. So read on . . . and don’t forget to practice today:)

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Music Education Benefits – Discussions of the many mental, physical, and emotional benefits of studying music, for children and adults alike.

Private Music Lessons – How to get the most out of lessons – including choosing the right teacher, when to start, and parents’ very important role in lessons.

Practice Time Management – Organizing and managing your practice time is key to progress, especially with our busy lifestyles.

Music Practice Techniques – Techniques, tricks, and tips for effective practicing. Some good ideas when you’re feeling “stuck”.

Music Practice Motivation – Having trouble getting motivated, or motivating your child or student? Here are ideas to get things going.

Music Practice Games – Turning practice and motivational techniques into games is a great way to enjoy practicing and of course, get better results! Here are some of our favorites.

Practice Aids – Everything from metronomes to staff paper. Where and what to get to help you practice effectively.

Music Performance – Preparing to perform is different – and more intense – than preparing for a lesson. Here are some ideas and techniques to help you get ready for the show!

Stage Fright – Nerves are something that (almost) everyone has to deal with. Kids, adults, beginners, pros – it’s part of performing. But you don’t have to sit back and just hope that you’ll be ok. Here are ideas to help you take control of your nerves and use them for a better performance.

Learning New Music – From choosing new repertoire to knowing how to start learning it, tips and tools to learning new music.

Learning Music Theory – Why should I learn theory? How should I learn theory? Can theory be more fun? If you’ve asked any of these questions, here are some answers.

Learning to Read Music – Reading music makes learning music faster and more fun. The more fluent you are at reading, the more fulfilling your study and lessons will be.

Music Ear Training – A good ear is vital to being a good musician. Ideas and tips to make ear training easier.

Practicing Piano – Practice techniques specific to studying piano.

Practicing Voice – Practice techniques specific to voice students and singers.

Inspiration – Stories, thoughts, and quotes to inspire you along your musical journey. Happy music making!

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