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Here are the most common questions about Practice Champ. If you have others please let us know.
How much does Practice Champ cost?
Students pay a flat-rate subscription fee either by the month or at a yearly discount. The monthly rate is a whopping $2.49 month, and for the year it's just $25 up front. It's the cost of a cup of coffee once per month. The coffee lasts 15 minutes, better practicing lasts a lifetime. Practice Champ is always free for teachers.
Can I use Practice Champ with my paper practice journal/notebook?

Absolutely! In fact, we highly recommend it. Your teacher writes down your assignments and then you transfer them to Practice Champ. It's this transferring step that gets you truly acquainted with the details of your weekly assignment and puts you on your way to better, more committed practice.

The best music notebook will also have a place to jot down practice times for written reference. We reccommend our companion "Practice Journal" assignment and log book - Order yours here.

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How do students and teachers work together?
Practice Champ ties both teacher and student accounts together closely so that teachers can monitor exactly what and how much their students are practicing. Additionally, both students and teachers can post private, real-time messages to each other.
Is Practice Champ just for kids or can adults use it?
Practice Champ is for everyone and anyone who is learning music! A music student is never too young or old to have fun practicing in a productive way.
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How does this help me practice better?
By helping to organize your assignment, you become more clear on what you've been assigned to practice and how you're supposed to practice. Along with this, communicating with your teacher more easily and striving to meet goals and earn rewards, you'll end up practicing more and enjoying it. You become a better student, and this makes you a better musician for life. Text here about this question. More text here about this question. More text here about this question. More text here about this question. More text here about this question. More text here about this question.
Isn't this just extra work?
Using Practice Champ does involve some extra steps... but they are small compared to benefits you realize in the long run. Taking control of your practicing shouldn't be thought of as work, but an investment in your desire to learn an instrument and music. If you're going to spend money on lessons and time practicing, why not do so in an efficient way to give you the best results?
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Do I have to use a computer?
Yes, a computer or tablet with an Internet connection and web browser is required. Right now, Practice Champ works on any popular browser and will soon be available for mobile devices.
Why does this make practicing fun?
Anything is more fun if you can get involved in it in a healthy, challenging way. With Practice Champ, you work to meet the goals that YOU set, and earn the rewards that you and your teacher create. The real fun though comes when you see and hear yourself getting better!
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What rewards do I earn in Practice Champ?
Right now, Practice Champ makes it easy to earn stars, Gold and Silver. Earning stars is based on how well you meet your goals each week. You, your teacher or parents can assign real rewards to stars. For example, 5 Gold stars in a row earns you a shopping spree!
How do I get my student or my teacher to use Practice Champ?
It's easy! Teachers simply sign up and invite students over email. Students accept and are on their way to using the system instantly with their teacher. Students can sign up first, and simply provide their teacher's name and email to become connected.
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