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Can practicing be productive AND fun?

Students using Practice Champ are more organized, consistent, and detail-oriented in their practicing and playing. They are making faster progress, their overall musicianship is at a higher level, and they are having more fun than their peers who are using only traditional tracking (paper) or nothing at all.

All the right ingredients you need between lessons for a productive practice week:

Organize your Assignment
Capture your entire assignment from your teacher in one place. Type in your assignment list the way you can remember it along with specific instructions from your teacher and notes you want to keep in mind. Practice Champ reminds you if you forget to practice one of your assignment items. Take the guess work out of how you're supposed to practice as you enter your assignment and confirm your understanding of it.
Track Practice Time
Enter your time spent practicing or studying down to the minute for each part of your assignment throughout the week. Your time is totaled and saved after each session. Practice Champ helps you to stay on track and not skip days for saving time—even if you weren't able to practice. You'll also see friendly reminders if you get behind. Save personal notes and comments as you progress toward your next lesson.
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Summarize Weekly Record
See your total practice time for each day and the entire week in one easy-to-read chart. This summary is archived and emailed to your private teacher automatically once you close your practice week. And you don't have to finish or close your week to see your summary; it's visible to both you and your teacher every day and can be printed in a nice, clean format any time you want to have it in your hand.
Set Goals & Earn Rewards
As you enter your assignment in after your lesson you can create practice time goals for the week. Practicing becomes more exciting as you work to accumulate minutes toward your "total minutes" goal, and practice as many days as you can to meet your "total days" goal. These two goals come together to reward you in star currency. For example, meet or exceed your goals and earn a Gold star.
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Stay in Touch with your Teacher
It's never been easier to communicate with your private teacher. Practice Champ's message system lets you and your instructor post private questions and comments to each other. Practice Champ works closely with your instructor so they always know how you're doing and can be there for help and encouragement. Being in contact with your teacher throughout the week makes you a better practicer, and in turn, a better student.

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