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Imagine a simple way to help your students improve, even when they're not in your studio - that's complete teaching.
With Practice Champ you can:
Monitor Students' Practice
Quickly and easily see who's practicing and who needs a nudge. Peek in on each of your students by viewing what they practiced just for the day before or how they're doing for the week so far. No more waiting until lesson time to find out someone didn't practice or that they forgot part of their assignment. Now you know at any time during their practice week and offer your assistance to them or their parents to improve practicing efforts at home.
Get Real-time Updates
Only have a minute between lessons? No problem, Practice Champ allows you to see who's entering time and earning stars by viewing a quick update list on your studio page. Viewing this activity lets you see how your students are doing in an instant. You can then review their details later, such as the end of the day.
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View a Weekly Practice Summary
See your students' total practice time for each day and the entire week in one easy-to-read chart. This summary is archived and emailed to you automatically when your student closes their practice week. And they don't have to finish or close their week to see this summary; it's visible to both you and your students every day and can be printed in a nice, clean format. This is helpful, for example, should you want your students' parents to approve and sign before lessons.
Communicate with your Students
It's never been easier to communicate with your students. Practice Champ allows you to post and respond to private messages directly with your students. Send reminders, words of encouragement, or quick answers to student/parent questions as they practice throughout the week.
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